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Mancheter metal band Asylum City Zoo
Mark from Asylum City Zoo


Mark Taylor Asylum City Zoo
Lead vocals and rhythm guitar...
The mouth piece of Asylum City Zoo, delivering songs of feeling and thought with big vocals, accompanied by stomping guitars.
Early Influences include: Alice in Chains, Pantera, Metallica, S.O.A.D, Living Colour, Machine Head, Mudvayne, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, The Wildhearts, White Zombie...
Tom Macklin from Asylum City Zoo


Tom Macklin from Asylum City Zoo


Hits things with sticks.

Early Influences include: Deftones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, One MInute Silence, Cypress Hill...  


Bobb Fairbairn from Asylum City Zoo
Bobb Fairbairn from Asylum City Zoo


Bobb got his first taste of music whilst wandering in the wilderness. Avoiding a sandstorm, he took shelter in an abandoned tomb. Inside the eerie sepulchre was a skeleton of a man, seated on a gilded throne; on his lap lay a Musicman Stingray Bass guitar. When Bobb placed his hand on the ancient instrument, the thundering notes reminded him of his homeland. From that moment on, his fate would be entwined with that of the guitar.
During his wanderings Bobb learnt to control power, stored in his beard, and match it to the soundwaves from his bass; thus amplifying the notes from his bass guitar. He went on to use rhythmical tapping to communicate with the feral tribes he encountered, and developed harmonics that would paralyze fish and small birds; providing him with a food source. His journeying also brought him into contact with the enigmatic Fuzzy Modo, who introduced Bobb to civilisation and the thrashing, pounding music of Heavy Metal.

Early Influences include: Iron Maiden, Manowar, Chili Peppers, FNM, Slayer...


Rishi Kumar from Asylum City Zoo


Rishi Kumar from Asylum City Zoo


According to Wikipedia, Rish was living in a small tribe on the Fiji Islands when he was discovered by Mark on a YouTube video playing the entire Master of Puppets album on a guitar made from sugar cane, woodbine and soft coral!!! (YouTube have removed the video due to copyright infringement!!!) Mark began negotiating with the Tribe Chief and eventually managed to sign Rish (Tribe name, Fijian Riff Machine!!) to the band in exchange for his collection of Motley Crue and Venom vinyls!! The rest is Metal History!!!! [CITATION NEEDED]

Early Influences include: Metallica, machine head, slipknot, stone sour, Pantera...

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